We are licensed, bonded and insured Painting contractor since 2004. Serving Orange and Los Angeles counties in the beautiful state of California, with 23+ years of experience in the painting trade. Our expertise gives you the peace of mind you deserve before a painting project needs to be done.


We believe that integrity, honesty, professionalism and attention to detail in every painting project, makes the foundation that leads to great customer satisfaction by delivering a professional painting service.

high quality craftsmanship in every project in residential and commercial properties.


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*We only do painting and coating applications , so we specialize in the painting trade, therefore we know what we are doing.


*We provide free painting proposals at your convenience.


*We write the full scope of work in the bid proposal, so you know  what to expect.


*We specify what painting products we are going to apply and how many coats are going to be installed.


*We are licensed, bonded and insured in California.


*Our prices are competitive.


*All our exterior house painting includes pressure washing.

*our interior house painting includes moving large furniture  before and after painting is completed.

*we offer special pricing on interior painting projects when the units are empty and or unoccupied.

*we use all major brands of paint materials.


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Our services include interior and exterior house painting and commercial painting  applications.


From preparation to finish, we take in consideration that not every property is the same, and we can provide you with some options and recommendations to make sure you are getting the best painting service for you money.


Whether is a small painting project like a kitchen  or bathroom to an apartment complex or office building we have the equipment, craftsmen and knowledge to complete it in a timely manner with professional painting results.


Our vast knowledge of painting products and materials available in the market makes us your painting company of choice.  Delivering what you need as soon as you need it.


We don't only apply regular paint, we also apply epoxies, waterproofing coatings, sealers, textures and more to a variety of surfaces; that is when our knowledge comes in, because not every coating is design for all surfaces, so having that in mind, trust the company that knows what is doing without guessing if its going to be ok. make sure is done the right way!

our painters are skilled in the painting trade and our performance relies in working in a safe manner along with having our work area clean and neat at the end of the day.



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