Our preparation process before any paint is applied begins by evaluating the amount of preparation needed to paint a house. All exterior house painting includes pressure washing for better paint adhesion.

Our skilled painters will take all necessary steps to ensure a professionally done painting job, our reputation is very important to us, therefore we are detail-oriented in every house and commercial paint project.

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  • Trenching around the house: on homes where dirt/landscape is in contact with walls, we trench about 3 inches below the ground level to provide a better coverage of paint at the bottom of the house. After we finish applying the paint, we move the dirt back to the wall.

  • Pressure Washing: We pressure wash every exterior house painting project to provide a clean and free surface of dirt, spider webs and any other foreign matter accumulated throughout time.

  • Scraping: Every flaking or loose paint is removed by hand scraping and edges sanded down.

  • Sanding: all glossy surfaces like doors or windows/ trim are lightly sanded to provide better adhesion of subsequent coats or paint after those surfaces are sanded, we dust them off to accept the following coat of primer or paint.

  • Dry Rot repair: as we scrape and find dry rot wood, we either replace it or patch it with appropriate patching compounds.

  • Stucco repair: any stucco areas that are damaged, especially around bottom walls on the house will be repaired trying to match the existing surrounding profile.

  • Caulking: Areas in need of a bead of caulk, especially around windows and doors, will be caulked using exterior 30-year caulking material.

  • Priming: Exterior Primer will be applied in all bare/exposed surfaces to provide a better protection and uniform coverage of the final coat.

  • Ground and Landscape protection: We cover any object or fixture not to be painted like windows, plants, concrete surfaces., etc with drop cloths, plastic and masking paper to avoid overspray or paint drips.

  • Paint samples: Before we applied the paint to the surfaces, we apply a sample on the wall and trim to make sure the color is approved by the homeowner.

  • Painting application: We apply the paint by spray, roll and brush, normally large areas will be sprayed and trim will be done by roller and brush.

  • Surface Coverage: we apply the finish coat at the rate recommended by the paint manufacturer, and the result will be a uniform painted surface without sags, misses, or insufficient coverage.

  • Waterproofing: At the homeowner request, We can apply a waterproofing coating in specific areas where water is in constant contact with the walls.

  • Touch Up: we check around for any touch up needed and leave a touch-up kit with the colors applied.