On exterior painting properties, we offer a variety of exterior painting and coatings from different manufacturers including Vista Paint, Dunn Edwards, Home Depot and more.

As well as Elastomeric and waterproofing coatings for Commercial properties.

whether is a House, office, studio, apartment, warehouse, or HOA we can deliver a new beautiful - protected surface that you can be proud of.


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Our standard preparation includes pressure washing to eliminate dirt and other foreign elements accumulated under eaves to accept the paint and have a good bond to the surface. Every home requires different preparation work depending on the condition of the surfaces.

but we are ready to take any task involving house painting so you can relax and enjoy having a beautiful painted home.


After the preparation has been completed

We proceed with the application of the paint by airless-spray, hvlp, roll and/ or brush, depending on the surface to be painted and the material being applied, after full coverage, the working area is then cleaned, leftover materials marked for future touch ups and furniture moved back to original position.

  • Eaves

  • French doors

  • Garage doors and carports

  • Gates, wrought iron fences.

  • Patios, pagodas, decks

  • Playhouses

  • Shutters

  • Storage

  • Stucco

  • Window bars

  • Wood siding

  • Trim/fascia board.

  •  metal front doors.

  • concrete surfaces 

  • and more...


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